Who are Evoucher Direct

Rated Tradespeople

Originally a Home Improvement marketing company, finding the best and most trustworthy tradespeople in the business and giving these contacts to the average Homeowner saving them hours of searching and frustration.

Highest Quality Products

Part of our philosophy was to find the best companies who only used the highest quality of products combined with the highest standards of installation and followed with the best guarantees and warranties.

Over the past two decades this has been extremely successful to the delight of our customers.

Evoucher Direct

In 2012 we introduced Evoucher, a scheme that is becoming more and more popular, the idea of Evoucher is to guarantee the customer the lowest prices in the industry.  Because we supply our rated tradespeople with such a high volume of customers, we find it only fair that the tradespeople give an incentive to these customers in the form a a discount, depending on the product value, this discount can be between 10% and 50%.